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Author Topic: BRICK WORKOUTS FOR TRIATHLETES  (Read 1467 times)


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« on: June 23, 2010, 11:27:45 PM »

Endurance Brick. Complete a long ride on a flat to gently rolling course, staying Zone 2. Transition as quickly as possible, and do a long run on a mostly flat course, also staying Zone 2. Doing this workout on a soft surface is ideal. Total time for this work out will be between two and six hours. Generally, the bike will comprise about two-thirds of the duration and the run about one-third, but this can be adjusted in either direction to prioritize limiters. Useful for Base Period. Ironman-distance triathletes and endurance-limited triathletes should also use this workout in the Build period.

Long Ride Brick. After a very long ride (two to six hours), transition as quickly as possible and do a 15-minute run in Zone 2. This workout develops the ability to run efficiently soon after getting off the bike and doesn't significantly extend recovery time from the long ride. Doing this workout Sunday after a Saturday long run works very well.

Reverse Brick.
After a long run, transition as quick as possible and go for a one- to two-hour Zone 2 ride. This allows you to extend the duration of the workout without the risk of injury and overtraining that extending the run would. This is especially effective early in the Base period or for run endurance-limited triathletes.
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thanks for the info. gamit kau ni