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Author Topic: The 10 MILE Time Trial for ‘The Flores Team Cup’  (Read 813 times)


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The 10 MILE Time Trial for ‘The Flores Team Cup’
« on: August 04, 2013, 07:08:23 PM »

Leo CRT’s Owner presents The 10 MILE (individual) Time Trial for ‘The Flores Team Cup’ to be held on Sept 29th

Course is the Catmon 48-56-48km – 10 miles (16kms) course.

Course Record is 23.07

This particular event is being run to honor all those that have suffered/past away from Cancer or are currently seeking Cancer treatments. In the Cebu Cycling Community our good friend Miguel Flores recently lost his father to this dreadful disease so to honor him & those of us who have lost loved ones to this disease we present the “Flores” Team Cup which I hope will bring people together to race as teams of their own choosing as this disease brings people closer together hence my decision to make it as teams.

Big Mig as he is widely known will present some of the entry money or any donation to a local children’s cancer ward at a local hospital as we are all aware it can hit the young also. So please support this event & support being aware of cancer as this disease has or knows no boundaries.

Mechanics/Rules – Please read carefully.

Riders need to form a minimum of 4 members resulting in a team, name there team & enter the event as a team.

Every rider entering this event MUST be part of a team. No Team No ride.

Event is open to Cat B, C, D only (No Cat A, ex-pros)
Registration will be P200 per rider. Payment/Registration to be made at Cyclelogic (Toto Iral)  or contact Miguel Flores.
Registration closes on Saturday 21st September.
Startsheet will be posted on the CC forum then later displayed in Cyclelogic on Tuesday 24th September
NO on the day registration will be honored or accepted.
All Riders MUST where a recognized Helmet whether road or TT with hard shell.
Road Bike or TT/Tri bikes only
Riders must sign on & collect there number & return this afterwards (with the 4 safety pins)
Riders should make a note of there start time & be at the time keeper 5mins before there alloted time.
To help the timekeeper riders can shout there number out as they finish to aid the timekeeper.
Riders to Obey all Instructions of the Marshalls near the start & finish as other road users have right of way also.
Please in the aid of your own safety NO “U” TURNS  allowed within sight of either the start or finishing points. Riders carrying out this dangerous maneuver are liable for disqualification from the event.
Once the event has started please do not warm up on the course to avoid possible accidents.
Please ride with your head up at all times.

First Rider away at 9.01am

Fastest times combined of 4 members of a team will win the Flores Cup - to be presented by Mike Flores

Individual Prizes

Cat B
1st   =   P1500
2nd   =   P1000
3rd   =   P750
4th   =   P500
5th   =   P250

Cat C
1st   =   P1500
2nd   =   P1000
3rd   =   P750
4th   =   P500
5th   =   P250

Cat D
1st   =   P1500
2nd   =   P1000
3rd   =   P750
4th   =   P500
5th   =   P250

In the event the weather is torrential rain (typhoon season) Chief Marshall has the finally say on event going ahead on the grounds of safety.

We hope? to secure the Huna Huna Resort for awarding & possible hot lunches for all riders/marshalls however if not then a simple awarding will be done as in the past near the start finish area.

Can I ask the Administrator of this forum to make this post a sticky & post on this thread people who are actually going to ride & there team name/s so we can try to plan ahead for possible lunches if Huna Huna is available in terms of pax?

Let’s make this event a success & I hope to see you there. Smiley

Many Thanks
Nobby Clarke
Leo Cebu Road Team
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