The scenic town of Medellin is located next to Cebu’s northernmost tip. It has been called the sugar bowl of Cebu because most its 7,400-hectare land area is planted to sugar.

Just this year, however, Mayor Ricardo Ramirez has added some spice to the town by investing on tourism-related initiatives. Potential magnets for tourists that have long been idle were developed and promoted – Gibitngil island with all its outdoor glory, the man-made Dayhagon Canal, the picturesque Dagusungan river and the kilometers-long Discovery Reef, to name a few.

For many years, Medellin has existed under the shadow of its neighbors in the nine-town fourth legislative district of Cebu Province in terms of tourism. But Medellin has re-invented its image and is fast realizing its vision of becoming the eco-adventure tourism capital of northern Cebu.

The town is abuzz with signs of development. Visitors flock to the once quiet and idle hill in Caputatan Norte to experience the thrill from its two Ziplines and the Tarzan jump. Heavy equipment and construction workers are now busy with the P million worth Korean investment on a new hotel and golf course in Lamintak Sur, which is fast taking shape.

Amidst all that, the Municipal Government is doing a balancing act of providing livelihood to its fishermen while protecting its coastal and marine resources by maintaining its marine sanctuaries.

Medellin is also at the forefront in the fourth district in terms of offering educational services. It has a branch of the Cebu Normal University, so the town has also become a magnet for students coming from Bogo and Daanbantayan, and even from as far away as Masbate and Leyte.

Having the seas on both sides of the town, Medellin offers a view of both the sunset and the sunrise. So whether one wants to spend some quiet time alone, or with friends and family looking for fun, Medellin is an ideal place to be.

Sugar bowl, eco-adventure capital and educational center. From its green, rolling hills to its coral reefs, from its white sand beaches to the thousands of corals under its seawaters, Medellin is a kaleidoscope of everything beautiful.