September 27, 2009 (Sun)
Sands Beach Resort, Danao, Cebu


This event was originally scheduled on Aug.16, 2009 but it was postponed to Sep.27, 2009 due to an unfortunate weather condition on the original race date.

Councilor Boying Rodriguez, Danao Sports Commission, and Sugbu Triathlon will once again bring 3-15-3 Triathlon (formerly Pipti-Pipti triathlon) in Danao City, Cebu for the 2nd time this year.

Danao is a popular destination for triathlon with it's fast and flat roads and friendly spectators. It gathered about 60 local athletes during it's last Pipti-Pipti Triathlon and Duathlon in March 29, 2009.

Here is more information about the race...

A. Male
- Juniors (18 below)
- Seniors 20 (19 to 29)
- Seniors 30 (30 to 39)
- Masters (40 up)
- Mountain Bike
B. Female Open
C. Tandem: This is a team category. It consists of two athletes of any gender. Members has the freedom to choose which leg they will take.

- 8AM: Body marking
- 9AM: Race start

- Top 3 overall finishers and top 3 for each category including tandem
- Medals for the winners
- No cash prize
- You may register on race day at race venue or online
- Online Registration deadline: September 25, 2009
- Please pay your registration fee on race day

• REGISTRATION FEE: P150 / athlete
- BIB number and freebies/snacks

- No helmet, no race
- Upper garment is required
- BIB number should be worn in front or back. Ideally, it should be in front but for others who are using a race belt, it's allowed at the back specially during the bike leg. Please take note that, race belt is applicable if used with a fitting garment like a trisuit or swim suit because of it's visibility. If used with a garment that covers it like a t-shirt, please use the safety pins to attach it to your middle or upper torso.
- Every BIB number has a finish tag attached. Please surrender it to race marshals accordingly as you arrive the finish line. Please don't miss to do so because this will be one of the basis to gather finish results.
- Wear swim cap during the swim leg