November 14, 2009 (Sat)
Holiday Gym and Spa, Banilad, Cebu

300m Swim - 10km Bike - 3km Run


Get ready for another indoor triathlon this November 14, 2009 (8AM-12NOON)! For the second time this year, Holiday Gym and Spa will showcase another indoor triathlon event! A lung busting 300 meter swim in a 25 meter swimming pool, 10 kilometer ride in a stationary bike, and a 3 kilometer run at the running track. Perfect for weekend warriors, beginners, and the experienced! It's all about having fun and getting into the finish line.

This is a great opportunity for the curious... experience all three sports in one! Swim with confidence in the pool, jellyfish-worry-free. Bike without risking a flat tire. Run without having to think of vehicle traffic. The best part is, you don't have to be under the heat of the sun during bike and run leg! That's what you call a perfect racing condition. Surely, this is an event worth tri-ing!


• 300m (25 meter pool)
• This will be a wave start event athletes. It starts on lane 1 & 2, swim to the end then go under the lane line onto lane 3 to swim back, then on to lane 4 and finishing at lane 5 which totals to 100m (1 set). Athletes will then exit using the swimming pool stairs and do two more sets starting at lane 1 to finish the 300m swim. This will simulate actual triathlon massed start so seed yourselves accordingly, slow swimmers start at the back and faster swimmers lead the way to minimize contact.
• 10 athletes per heat maximum (age-groups can be merged if less than 5 pax).
Click here to see the swim route

• 10km on the speedometer.
• 10 identically calibrated exercise bikes will be provided by the organizers.
• Cyclometer will be attached in each bike to determine the distance covered by the racers.
• Indicate to the marshals once you have reached the 10k distance required, only after being given the signal to proceed may you continue on to the final run.
• Bring your own water bottle.

• 3km run, 15 laps on our 200m jogging track.
• Each athlete must get one rubber band per lap handed by the marshals. When you finish, line-up at the finish line accordingly and show your rubber bands for counting. If there is/are missing rubber bands, you'll have to make up for it.
• BIB number must be visible in front "during run leg".

- Juniors (19 below)
- Seniors 20 (20-29)
- Seniors 30 (30-39)
- Masters (40 above)
- HGS member

- Female open
- HGS member

This is a team category. It consists of two athletes of any gender. Members have the freedom to choose which leg they will partake.

• P150 / person
• Registration deadline is on Nov. 13, 2009
• Submit registration form to HGS front desk
Download registration form now

• Top 3 for each category