About Us

Sugbutriathlon is an organizing team for the sports of triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon and running events since 2009. The group is based in Cebu, Philippines made up of a small passionate core group, volunteers and supporters headed by Coach Benjoe Gimenez.


There was a decline of triathlon races in Cebu from 2004 to 2008. One triathlon per year was all Cebu had, the National Age-group Triathlon Series organized by Mr. Boying Rodriguez and TRAP, thankfully keeping the sport alive in Cebu. With this realization, an attempt to gather Cebu's triathletes was made in one special occasion to find a possible unified solution. This was a Christmas party in December 20, 2008 held at Dax Sarabosing's residence in Talamban, spearheaded by RJ Balbuena, Anthony Regis, Coach Benjoe Gimenez and Dax Sarabosing. It was the first Christmas party where majority of Cebu's triahtletes gathered, blessed with the presence of Jose Ricardo Dizon and Team Tri-locos. Tri-locos was represented by Eugene Sanchez, Jun Villamor, Jerome Mill, Ian Gonzaga and Atty. Roger Cuenco. All the names mentioned are considered to be the founders of Sugbutriathlon. During the party, everybody agreed on one thing and that is to revive triathlon in Cebu, thus the creation of Sugbutriathlon to execute the plan.

To jumpstart the sport, the first Pipti-Pipti Triathlon was organized by the group in January 25, 2009 held in Scuba World, Mactan Island. It was a super sprint triathlon (300m swim - 15km bike - 3km run), a very friendly distance. The event was just purely for fun. No bike racks and cash prize. Registration fee was only P50 thus the name Pipti-Pipti or 50-50 triathlon. It was just a group of friends inviting other friends and surprisingly there were more than 30 participants who joined. It was historical since it was the first of its kind and it jumpstarted the triathlon spirit in Cebu. From that day on, many triathlon events sprouted, most of which were organized by Sugbutriathlon hand-in-hand with Mr. Boying Rodriguez and the Danao City Sports Commission. Together, 12 triathlons and 4 duathlons were organized in 2009.

The following years after that, Sugbutriathlon was able to stand on its own as an independent event organizer. Sugbutriathlon was blessed with more events and a very supportive community. Along the way, there were challenges since the members of the core group have full time work and family commitments and are able to contribute when time permits. It was not easy but the group still managed to organize successful events. For quite some time now, Sugbutriathlon is run by Coach Benjoe Gimenez, Anthony Regis, Joel Peconcillo, Jess Arriola and Jose Ricardo Dizon.

The group is very proud and glad to see the rise of the number of triathletes and triathlon event organizers. Aside from that, more and more triathletes are giving back to the sport. It is what the community needs. It appears triathlon has a bright future here in Cebu and the neighboring islands! =)


March 2017